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Here is what each visit to our office will look like

Day 1:

When you book your first visit, you will receive an e-mail containing your New Patient Paperwork. We ask that you provide as much detail as possible in your paperwork about your specific needs. This will help the doctor connect with who you are and help us serve you best. By completing the New Patient Paperwork before arriving to our office, it will save valuable time so that the doctor can get started with your New Patient Exam as soon as possible.

During the New Patient Exam, the doctor will do a thorough history of your health to know what exams will be needed for your specific needs. After connecting one-on-one over your paperwork, we will perform a detailed assessment to determine if your neuro-spinal system is balanced. Using state-of-the-art technology, the Insight, allows us to assess how your spine and nervous system are performing. After the scan, you will have a comprehensive structure analysis performed. This will allow us to see what structural compensations your body might be making to adapt to different stress on your nervous system. If the doctor finds it necessary, digital X-rays will be taken to see the exact condition your spine is in. X-rays are the most valuable tool that chiropractors can use to determine the best way to care for their patients so the best results can be obtained.

Please allot 1 hour for the New Patient Exam.

Day 2:

After the completion of your New Patient Exam, the doctor will meet with you individually for a Report of Findings. In this meeting, the doctor will go over all the findings from your exam and will offer their recommendations for your care. During this time, feel free to ask any questions or concerns that you may have about your care plan and the next steps that will be taken towards elevating your health. If the doctor has determined that you are a candidate for chiropractic care, you will also receive your first chiropractic adjustment on this day. Prior to your first adjustment, the doctor will help teach you how to do the spinal corrective exercises that are recommended.

Please allot approximately 1 hour for this visit.


Regular Visits:

During your regular office visits, you will begin by signing in at the front desk, then proceeding to the Corrective Exercise Area to perform your exercises. Upon completion of your exercises, you will be ready for your adjustment from the doctor.

Please allot 15 minutes for regular visits.

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